If you search the internet, you will come across hundreds of different diets for people with diabetes, but hardly any of those “Guaranteed Diets” deliver what they promise. The reason is that a majority of individuals are not aware of where to start and how to look for the diet they need. Before proceeding any further, you must know what makes up a healthy diabetic diet. Below, I’ve listed a few points that you should take into consideration.

Five Fundamental Factors

1. It should be low in carbohydrates or at least mention some ways (such as exercise) to balance carbohydrates throughout the day.

2. It should be low in fat, it’s considered a risk factor and could result in diabetes.

3. It should be low in salt because salt can lead to high blood pressure.

4. Should achieve the daily requirement of potassium, because it helps to reverse all types of harmful effects of salt on blood circulation.

5. Should be rich in dietary fibre, because it helps us to protect against heart disease and maintaining a low glycemic index.

How The DASH Diet Protects You

You might have heard the name in passing; the DASH diet meaning is simply: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  There’s no doubt in our mind that DASH diet is one of the best diabetic diet plans. It’s simple to start with all five characteristics mentioned above, but also because it was formulated by five of the most respected medical research centres in the world along with National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute(NHLBI).  

DASH Diet Guidelines

According to the researchers and reviews, it helps users to lose weight and maintain it, which is a key factor in tackling Type 2 Diabetes. Using DASH diet along with some calorie restrictions will also keep your body protected from a condition known as metabolic syndrome. This condition is recognised for increasing the possibility of developing diabetes.

If you’ve ever followed any diabetic diet program before, you must be aware of how hard it is to stick to that plan. Well, the best part is that the DASH Diet is believed to be the most flexible and adjustable plan, which also complies with doctors’ advice for diabetic patients.

Usually, the diet plans require us to stick to certain types of foods, and this often results in a deficiency in other minerals and nutrients. One more advantage of DASH diet is that it provides a high level of conformity to dietary guidelines, which covers all nutrients essential for our body.  Everything in moderation is a good motto that many people should follow, those at-risk for diabetes and otherwise.

It’s a way to eat for life, not a fad. Start now with our 14-day challenge